About Healthy Child Care Arkansas (HCCAR)

HCCAR is a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) who aim to improve the quality of children's health in early child care settings. We offer information and consultation to child care professionals using best practice recommendations in various topics related to the overall well-being of children. The HCCAR goal is carried out in three ways:

1.  By providing live and web-based trainings on best practice standards recognized by experts in medicine and behavioral health;

2.  By providing free of charge consultations to  child care professionals and Child Care Aware agencies on issues related to children's health through a full-time Child Care Health Consultant  available from 8-4 p.m. Monday through Friday;

3.  By providing relevant and current health related information that is accessible through this website to give up-to-date information about health and behavioral health issues that are important to your center.

HCCAR is funded through a grant from the Arkansas Department of Human Services. This grant is specific for Child Care Professional Development/Technical Assistance/Training in the State of Arkansas. HCCAR is a collaboration between the Arkansas Department of Human Services, UAMS Department of Pediatrics, and UAMS KIDS FIRST to provide a health resource service for early child care providers with the help of the seven Child Care Aware agencies across Arkansas.

The HCCAR initiative brings together health care professionals, early care and education professionals, child care providers, and families to improve the health and safety of children in child care.

Contact Information:

Sandra Withers, APRN, Child Care Health Consultant Trainer

Email: HCCAR@uams.edu
Consultation line: 501-526-8737
Fax: 501-526-8740

Office Location:

333 Executive Drive,
Little Rock, AR 72205

Mailing Address:

UAMS KIDS FIRST Program Operations Center
ACH Slot-512-39
1 Children’s Way, Little Rock, AR 72202

HCCAR Management Team:
The work of HCCAR is overseen by a primary management team comprised of medical professionals and an advisory board.

Primary Management Team:
1. Maya Lopez, MD
    Assistant Professor, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics,

2. Jayne Bellando, PhD
     Associate Professor, Pediatric Psychology

3.  Sandra Withers, APRN
      UAMS Kids First Administrator for Outreach Programs
      Child Care Health Consultant Trainer