What is a Child Care Health Consultant?

A CCHC is a licensed health professional with education and experience in child and community health and child care and preferably specialized training in child care health consultation.

A CCHC is a health professional who:
- has interest in and experience with children,
- has knowledge of resources and regulations
- is comfortable linking health resources with facilities that provide primarily education and social services.
A CCHC has knowledge in the areas of:
- National health and safety standards for out-of-home care
- How child care facilities conduct their day-to-day operations
- Child care licensing requirements
- Disease reporting requirement
- Immunizations for children
- Immunizations for child care providers
- Injury prevention for children
- Staff health, including occupational health risks for child care providers
- Oral health for children
- Nutrition for children
- Inclusion of children with special health needs in child care
- Recognition and reporting requirements for child abuse and neglect
- Community health and mental health resources

*Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards, Third Edition, 2011.

  1. What training does a Child Care Health Consultant receive?

- has received training in the CCHC core curriculum
- maintains ongoing education and professional development in health and safety in child care
- is committed to improving the health of children in Arkansas in the child care setting



How did the Child Care Health Consultant role in Arkansas begin?


KIDS FIRST partnered with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education to provide child care health consultation training in Arkansas.  Four UAMS KIDS FIRST nurses attended the University of North Carolina National Training Institute to become Child Care Health Consultant Trainers.

The CCHC Trainers developed and presented 3-day core curriculum and trained a total of 39 individuals.

A grant proposal was submitted to DHS to establish Healthy Child Care Arkansas in order to provide training, web-based health information, and health consultation.

The 3-day core curriculum training was presented and 24 individuals were trained.  An update was presented to previously trained individuals.