Why is Healthy Child Care Arkansas important to me as a parent?

HCCAR's goal is to help support child care centers throughout the state in order to make sure that your child is in a safe, healthy, and enriched environment. HCCAR provides child care health consultation during work hours five days a week to answer questions from child care facilities around the state about health and behavioral related problems. HCCAR can also be a resource for you to know more about child health and development through this website.


Why do child care providers need training, and what types of trainings does HCCAR provide?

Child care providers need training to keep up with best practice child care information to promote the health and safety of children.  HCCAR supports child care providers by offering training on health related topics relevant to the child care setting.


Currently two training programs are being offered to child care providers.  These training programs were developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and are entitled “Managing Infectious Diseases in the Early Child Care Setting” and “Medication Administration Curriculum in the Early Child Care Setting.”  Another web-based training on autism spectrum disorders is currently being developed.
The goal of HCCAR is to develop many training programs that will be available to child care workers through live training and web-based training.  All training will be best practice information related to the health and safety to child care in our state. This means that information will be scientifically sound and will also be important to the professionals who are caring for your children.


How can Child Care Health Consultants help my child care provider?


Research shows that providers who use Child Care Health Consultants have had the following positive outcomes:
- Improvements in child care provider practices (safe/active play, sanitation, infection control) 
- Improvements in child care provider knowledge and confidence 
- Decreased diarrheal/respiratory illness due to hand washing training 
- Decreased risk of SIDS due to Back to Sleep training 
- More kids have up-to-date immunizations, dental care, medical homes, and well child exams




Who can help me choose the best child care provider for my child and my family?

In the early years of life, children develop very quickly and these experiences are important in building the foundation of all areas of their development (physical, intellectual, social, emotional, verbal, and motor areas).  Additionally, research has shown that quality child care along with quality time between family and child provides a good foundation for the rest of their lives.  Because of this, knowing what you are looking for when you start to investigate a child care facility for your child is very important.  Both parents and child care providers must provide healthy, safe, and stimulating environments so children can develop to their greatest potential.


Choosing child care can be overwhelming to any parent or family member. Child Care Aware ( or Resource and Referral) agencies  can help you. They provide a community service that matches parents seeking child care with child care resources.


They will provide you, free of charge, with:

• A detailed printout of each referral
• Vacancy check- you may request that they call individual child care providers to check for vacancies.
• A complete search based on specific criteria- For example, if your child has special needs, you need twenty-four hour care, etc. they will search their database according to those criteria.
• Answers to your questions – Should you have any questions regarding child care, they can provide you with those answers either in person or on the phone.

For more information about Child Care Aware agencies in Arkansas, please visit the following link:



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Where can I go for in-depth information on health related topics for young children?

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) has launched the electronic edition of the Arkansas Healthy Children Handbook in an easy-to-use guide. It can be read online, printed, or downloaded. The guide has 17 chapters that provide in-depth information on many health related topics and also has a comprehensive resource guide that will be quite helpful for both parents and caregivers.


Arkansas Healthy Children Handbook