HCCAR had given surveys to child providers periodically to see where you need help.  Help with challenging behaviors is always at the top of the lists.  Hopefully the sections below will be of help to you. 

 “What do I need to keep in mind when I interact with the children in my classroom?”

  1. Simple techniques used consistently can make a big difference in your classroom.   Using direct praise for on-target behaviors, ignoring some of the negative attention getting things kids do and acknowledging the children who are staying on task instead can be a great start in changing the behavior in your classroom.
  2. If a child needs a more structured plan, take time to think it through before you start it. The time to get a good plan for challenging behaviors is when you are calm and can think it through.  Talk to your administrator and co-workers to make sure you have a good plan in place.  The time to start a behavior plan with a child is not when the child is in the middle of a melt-down!  In the melt-down time all of you can reasonably do is try to help the child calm down and keep classmates safe.  
  3. Behavior techniques work!!!   When they don’t, it is typically due to human error and/or not taking into account something that is important to the situation.  Don’t give up if a behavior plan doesn’t work on the first try.  Be a detective and try to figure out what needs to be changed to make it effective.
  4. Behavior plans at your child care center will be more effective if everyone working with the child follows the same plan.  Getting “buy in” from all (or most) of the people interacting with the child will help make change go faster and easier for the child and for you all.
  5. It is nice to have family involvement but not necessary.   Behaviors tend to change faster when everyone is “on the same page” but children can learn to change their behavior even if consistency doesn’t always happen.  If, however, a child’s behavior is improving, we hope that sharing your success with families will encourage them to try the same plan at home.