1.  CDC positive parenting tips.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a wealth of information about many topics related to children.  This link will take you to the pages dealing with behavioral information.  This can be helpful for your center as you learn to respond to challenging behaviors.  It can also be a great resource to give to families as they also learn about responding to their young child. 


  1.  Healthy Children is a great website sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  This link will take you to the pages that discuss emotional wellness and give tips on how to help good emotional and behavioral health in young children.  This is a great website and we encourage you to explore the many treasures you will find here.  


  1.  Caring for Kids from the Canadian Pediatric Society.  This is another great website.  They also have link to a section called “Well Beings: A guide to health in child care 3rd Ed”.  The link below takes you to information that you can print out about many behavioral issues that you may see for children in your child care center.  The website also allows you to print out handouts/forms to help with documenting infection and infection control in your center.  This is a helpful site and well worth exploring.


  1.  Center for Effective Parenting.  This is a Little Rock/Arkansas Children’s Hospital based website.  There are wonderful download/print handouts that deal with many different types of behavioral issues.

Also lists parenting classes that are available in the central Arkansas area.  These classes are typically in the evenings and are minimal charge to people who attend.


  1.  HCCAR Managing Challenging Behaviors web based training.  Our group has a web based course on how to help manage challenging behaviors.  Please to go the training section of this website to sign up and learn from this training.