Welcome to Healthy Child Care Arkansas online training!   All of our professional development courses are FREE to early care and education providers, and offer Professional Development Registry (PDR) credit.  

We offer 2 types of online training:  

1.  HCCAR TRAINING COURSES were developed by our team of UAMS healthcare professionals and are hosted on the UAMS Blackboard system.  Currently, we offer courses on Managing Challenging Behaviors (7 modules, 7.5 total hours) and Filling the Well: Working with Families in Challenging Situations (3 modules, 3 total hours).  

  • You will need to register for a free GoSignMeUp User ID and password to sign in to Blackboard.  Just follow the instructions below. 
  • Check our website often as we add more training courses!

2.  HCCAR-HOSTED training courses for early care and education providers were produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), such as Medication Administration, Managing Infectious Disease (Bug Busters), and Injury Prevention, as well as the Arkansas Child Abuse and Neglect Mandated Reporter Training.  

  • Both the AAP and AR Mandated Reporter sites require you to register with them for a UserID and password.
  • These PDR-approved courses are also offered free of charge to you.  
  • After you complete these courses, email your training certificate to hccar@uams.edu and we will enter your PDR credit.

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PDR #26676: Reducing the Risk of SIDS and SUID in Early Education and Child Care
**course discontinued in 2020** This 1-hour course is designed to educate child care providers to create a safe sleep environment to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) and other sleep-related infant deaths
PDR #30449: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse, Training for AR Mandated Reporters
This 2-hour training is designed to help all Arkansas Mandated Reporters understand their critical role in protecting children by recognizing and reporting child abuse.
PDR# 30451: Medication Administration for Child Care Providers
This 1-hour course will help providers to identify different types of medication, improve procedures for receiving, storing, preparing, and administering medication, and recognize and respond to medication reactions
PDR #30468: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 2: Behavioral Principles
This 1 hour module talks about behavioral principles and how humans may cause them to not be as effective as they can be. Strategies for effective use of common behavioral strategies are discussed
PDR #30471: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 4: First Line of Defense
This 30 minute module helps you analyze your child care center by using discussion questions to help you think about ways you can increase team work to managing challenging behaviors.
PDR #30476: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 6: Components of Medical Evaluation
This 1 hour module will help you understand from a developmental behavioral physician’s perspective what they will do when a child is referred to them for behavioral/developmental issues.
PDR #30459: Filling the Well, Module 1: Burnout
This 30 min module helps you identify symptoms of Burn Out in yourself and find ways to prevent and help with Burn Out problems.
PDR #30463: Filling the Well, Module 3: Refilling the Well
This 1 hour module gives suggestions on how you can help families with their struggles. You can do this by altering some behavioral techniques you already know. We also discuss ways your center may be able to help with family support and nurturing.
PDR #30625: Autism Basics Course (ABC) Module 2: Common Medical Issues in Autism
In this 0.5 hour module 2 of the 5-part ABC series, Dr. Maya Lopez of Healthy Child Care Arkansas discusses medical conditions that are frequently seen in children with autism.
PDR#30627: Autism Basics Course (ABC) Module 4: Helping families access evaluation and treatment for their child
In the 0.5 hour Module 4 of the 5-part ABC series, Dr. Maya Lopez of Healthy Child Care Arkansas will help you to become more skillful in addressing your concerns about developmental progress with a child’s family.
PDR# 30455: Keeping Children Safe: Injury Prevention in Early Care and Education Settings
This 1.5 hour course describes best practices for preventing injuries in early education settings, and your role in keeping children safe
PDR #30452: Bug Busting in Early Care and Education Settings
This 1 hr course, formerly Managing Infectious Diseases in Early Care and Education Settings, will help you learn best practices in infection control prevention and control in group settings.
PDR #30465: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 1: Normal Development
This 1 hour module helps remind you of what normal development looks like. It also helps you understand how behaviors we see at younger ages are required to gain more advanced skills.
PDR #30470: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 3: Iceberg model and Behavioral Analysis
This 1 hour module teaches you how to conceptualize what may be fueling a child’s challenging behaviors. It also gives you a strategy for coming up with a good plan for developing a behavioral intervention.
PDR #30473: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 5: Time Out and More
This 1 hour module will teach how to do calm down/time out based upon evidenced based psychological information and information from the national Caring for our Children standards.
PDR #30478: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Module 7: Talking to Parents & AR Resources
This 30 minute module will help give you a strategy for talking to parents about your concerns. It will also give information about resources in Arkansas for children/families with challenging behaviors.
PDR #30462: Filling the Well, Module 2: Protect Mode
This 1 hour module talks about ways all of us (families and providers) protect ourselves in stressful situations. We also review techniques of positive communication to help you as you interact with families who are stressed and challenged.
PDR#30624: Autism Basics Course (ABC) Module 1: Autism Basics
In this 1-hour module #1 of the 5-part ABC series, Dr. Jayne Bellando of Healthy Child Care Arkansas provides information about behaviors that are seen in children with autism spectrum disorders. This training will help you understand what those behaviors are and how to look for them.
PDR#30626: Autism Basics Course (ABC) Module 3 What do we know about autism? A game show
In today’s world, an overwhelming amount information comes from many different sources such as TV, radio, and the internet. It can be challenging to figure out which information is factual or useful. In this 0,5 hour module 3 of the 5-part ABC series, Dr. Maya Lopez of Healthy Child Care Arkansas will discuss common topics of misinformation regarding autism that we encounter in our daily lives, in a lively question and answer format.